Story – SKYE Suites

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A landmark development within the new Green Square Town Centre has arrived. Designed by award-winning architect Koichi Takada above a large expanse of bustling retail and restaurant space, Infinity by Crown Group sets the benchmark for urban living and is the landmark gateway to Sydney’s newest vibrant precinct.


“This unique, perpetually curved form of Crown Group’s most ambitious architectural challenge creates a truly landmark and inspirational building. We imagined tomorrow’s elements of urban lifestyle and what we aspire this to be and we were driven to make the future in the present.”

IWAN SUNITO Chairman and Group CEO


Linking the loop marked a huge milestone in the construction of Infinity by Crown Group. An engineering feat, the 370 structural steel members weighing 63 tonnes were raised 54 metres into the air. Lifting the game, Infinity by Crown Group is changing the skyline of Sydney.